#Streetdogs via Google Maps Street View

I have combined two of my favorite things, and it’s so much fun I wanted to share it with you in case you’d like to play this new game of mine too.

As many of you know, I love dogs, and street dogs have a special place in my heart. When I was in El Salvador I photographed them every chance I got, and I always thought how much I’d like to travel the world photographing street dogs.

Alas, I don’t get to travel too much these days, but I’ve found that “walking around” different countries via Google Maps Street View satisfies that itch to explore. All of this led to a new project I’ve been sharing via Twitter with the hashtag #streetdogs. Basically it works like this:

#1. I choose a country to explore via Google Maps Street View. (Not all countries are available unfortunately.)

#2. I navigate around looking for dogs.

#3. I take a “photo” (screenshot/ screen capture) of the dog. I crop the screenshot into a photo using MS Paint. Once I have a few good ones, I share them on Twitter with the hashtag #streetdogs.

I’d love for anyone who wants to participate to join in. You don’t have to look for street dogs though — you can look for whatever interests you — restaurants, cars, trees, signs, churches, horses — Or you could make a list of different things to find as a scavenger hunt for a rainy/snowy day. (Bonus points: Make the list in Spanish for your children or students to play and learn new vocabulary!)

Here’s a few of the photos I’ve shared already. Street dogs in Guatemala:

Street dogs in Bogotá, Colombia:

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  1. I *really* wish I could participate but I have a confession to make: last time I went on Google Maps, about a week ago, I spent two hours traveling around Latin America and I ended up in Argentina at 1 a.m. This is not a safe pastime for me :lol:

    • LOL! I won’t confess how many hours I’ve spent “traveling”, but it’s quite a shock to look up from your screen and realize you’re still in your house, isn’t it?

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