Conversations at Casa López – Part 11


Here we go – my family’s most recent “bilingual moments” and funny conversations. (Be sure to share your recent funny conversations in comments!)

Carlos: I didn’t sleep well last night.
Tracy: Why? Because we ate dinner too late?
Carlos: No, because you snore like a sailor.

(He misused “swear like a sailor” which I’m also known to do.)

Carlos: Did Chico finish his food?
Tracy: Most of it.
Carlos: Ingrato.
Tracy: Aw, stop.
Carlos: He is. There are starving dogs in El Salvador and he has to have a $14 food. My Oso used to eat tortillas.
Tracy: Maybe he’ll eat more after I give him his allergy pill [wrapped in ham]
Carlos: Consentido. He’s got you in the palm of his paw.
Carlos: “The pie is baked.”
(Carlos literally translating the idiom “El pastel está cocido” which apparently means “the deal is ready to be made.”)

Carlos: do you have any Ruby Tuesday in your purse?

Tracy: ummm…?

Carlos: You know what I mean. For my throat. Those throat candy things.

Tracy: Ricola.

Carlos: Yes.

Older son: There’s a new girl at work around my age and I just found out she’s half Salvadoran too.
Me: Really? That’s so cool. So if you guys had a baby, the baby would still be half Salvadoran.
Older son: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I don’t even know her name!

Tracy: Can you get the Irish butter from the fridge for me?

Carlos: Arggg

Tracy: What?

Carlos: Argggg, here’s your butter.

Tracy: Why are you talking like a pirate?

Carlos: Because it’s Irish butter. Don’t the Irish say like that? Argggg!

(He was trying to say “Aye”)

Carlos: Can you help me find some old fashioned metal glasses to send to my mom?
Tracy: For her?
Carlos: No, she needs them for a doll. It’s for Santa Claus’s wife, how do you call her? Mamá Claus?
Carlos: Are you awake?
Tracy: *Squints and vaguely nods*
Carlos: Want some coffee? It’s Guatemalan.
Tracy: Watermelon?
Carlos: You’re not awake yet.
Carlos: Hablame entre unos veinte minutos. Me está cortando el pelo.
Suegra: Ahora? En el salón?
Carlos: No, Tracy me está cortando el pelo.
Suegra: Asegura que esta vez no te cortás como un cotorro.


  1. Oh, YES! I really missed these articles!

    I see that your suegra didn’t change…

    And I have to ask: what on earth is “Irish butter”??

    • Suegra is still suegra, but we’ve been on good terms :) As for Irish butter, it’s a brand of butter called Kerry Gold from Ireland but it’s much better quality than any butter I’ve ever had. It has a touch of salt and it’s so good. Try it if you get a chance.

  2. I love the one about the starving dogs in El Salvador, hahaha. And the one where you’re practically marrying off your son to a stranger. Hilarious! But I didn’t get the one about your MIL warning not to cut his hair like a parrot???

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