Maybe you’ve known for awhile, as I have, that I’ve outgrown this blog. What I haven’t known, what I’ve been trying to figure out, is what to do with it.

For now I’ve archived everything, and eventually this blog will probably disappear, but I didn’t want to do that without saying goodbye, and also giving you something.

Even though new content has been sparse these past couple years, I have continued to receive emails from people now and then, and they were almost always about the recipes I had posted here. Some told me stories of how their mother or grandmother had passed on, taking all the family recipes with her and that my blog had reconnected them with some of what they had lost, or how they had cooked a dish for their partner which brought them back to their childhood in El Salvador. Some people make the recipes for their children so they can stay connected to the culture and traditions. So it is in that spirit that I leave you with Lopez Family Recipes: Recipes from a Salvadoran American home. Please feel free to download it and print it for your personal use.

Some of the recipes included are ones I have learned from my suegra (mother-in-law) as I shared my kitchen with her for over ten years, some I learned from friends who also happened to be Salvadoran. Many recipes I have learned by piecing together recipes from Salvadoran cookbooks I carefully translated from Spanish, videos made by Salvadoran home cooks, online research, trips to El Salvador, interviewing friends, and my husband’s nostalgic memories.

I do not, and will never, claim to be an “authority” of any type on Salvadoran cuisine, but Salvadoran recipes in English are hard to come by so I want this resource to live on in some way for those who need it.

Lastly, I want to thank you for the years of thoughtful discussion, kindness, encouragement, and knowledge that you shared with me. Thank you for sharing your own personal stories with me as I shared mine.

If you want to keep in touch, please feel free to email me, follow me on Twitter, or keep an eye on my author website.

Wishing you all health, and happiness.

Tracy Lopez


  1. Tracy!!!

    I remember you always with such a sweet smile! What beautiful times we shared.

    How are your boys (men!!) doing?

    What are you writing these days?

    Sending you and la familia mucho amor. Always in my heart!

    Ana Flores #WeAllGrow Latina Network


  2. Thank you for all of the recipes! My husband is also Salvadoran and I return to your blog frequently for recipes. I swear by them! (And he’s impressed by my cooking too. Haha!) Thank you. Wish you the best!

  3. Thanks for all your thoughts and ideas. I have enjoyed your blog and most of all your caldo de pollo…so easy and quick!

  4. Tracy, Ever since I found your blog I’ve considered you an “hermana”. My first name is Tracy (middle name Michelle) and I too married a Salvadoran man. I think Salvadorans are the best kind of people I have ever met. My husband “Tony” and I just went through your recipes and he listed for me all of the ones he wants me to try to make for him. I have always used your semita de piña recipe and he loves it so much. Thank you for sharing all of this! I will make more recipes for him soon. I have many fond memories of your blog posts. They resonated with me and my family so much! Michelle Melara

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. HI Tracy! I didn’t know you had a book! I self published mine. Can you tell me what steps to take to be published. I haven’t a clue really. I just did mine self published because I had an urgency of the message. If you can please help a sister out and show me what direction to go or what first steps to go to get a publisher.

    Thanks! Best of luck to you! and Congratulations!

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. I’m sorry I won’t be reposting the recipes on any social media as that would be a lot of work to put them into different formats, etc. Please feel free to download the recipe document/e-book linked in this blog post!

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