Hello, again

Hola! I know I officially said “goodbye” here a couple years ago, but for those of you who still get post updates by email, I wanted to get in touch one last time via this blog. I hope you don’t mind because I’ve really missed you all and have some news to share!

As most of you know, besides blogging and freelance writing, I was also writing fiction. Well, last month my latest project made it into the world — my debut middle grade book DETOUR AHEAD co-authored with Pamela Ehrenberg!

Book description:

Every morning, Gilah—a 12-year-old neurodiverse Jewish girl who loves breakdancing and is preparing for her bat mitzvah—takes the public Metrobus to her school in Washington, DC. This year Gilah is finally allowed to ride alone, but not everything goes as planned. When the bus swerves too close to a boy riding his bicycle in Columbia Heights, only one passenger, Gilah, seems to notice and finds the courage to speak up. Guillermo—a 13-year-old Salvadoran American boy— has just moved to the area and helps out at his family’s new bakery. Until he can earn enough money to repair his bike, Guillermo takes the H4 bus with Gilah. Through Guillermo’s poetry and Gilah’s prose, the two navigate the detours of their families, their friendship, and themselves.

DETOUR AHEAD is now available for purchase on Amazon. (Click here!)

Also, I won’t be posting here again, so if you want to keep in touch please check out my new blog and subscribe over there!


Tracy López


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