La Copa Mundial

I am so tired. I’ve been waking up at 7 am almost every morning to catch the first game of the day. Then I spend an inordinate amount of time on Twitter watching the games with my friends, which is so much more fun than watching alone.

If you want to watch with me, come on over! (A small warning though, I got overly passionate during Mexico’s game and let loose a few dozen “Viva México Cabrones!” … This is not the Spanish I intend to teach my kids. My apologies to those with delicate ears.)

Yesterday, Mexico’s historic win against France had me feeling breathlessly excited for a country I have absolutely no roots in, (“I wish I was born Mexican, but it’s too late for that now.” – Morrissey), and today, I am proud of how the U.S. played against Slovenia, yet simultaneously pissed that their third goal was taken away, leaving it a 2-2 tie, instead of a win.

Whatever the outcome, I’m exhausted and my productivity is laughable. Somehow I’ve managed to keep up with the 2 articles per week deadline over at Copa Café. I will keep links to those posts here for those who want to go read them.

*All Paths Lead to Fútbol

*A Sweet Game

*U.S. Latinos: Never Offsides When It Comes To Team Loyalty

*On this day, we are all Mexicans

*Better Late Than Never

* Fútbol Fortunetellers

* Cheaters Never Win (Except in Fútbol)

* Best Commercials of the World Cup

Copa Café

If any of you are fútbol fans, I just wanted to let you know that during the World Cup, I will also be blogging twice a week over at Café Media. They have a special World Cup blog called Copa Café, and a ton of other great content about everything imaginable which is updated daily.

My first post is All Paths Lead to Fútbol which originally appeared here on Latina-ish, but starting next Monday, I will be submitting all new material.

See you there!

Qué Rica Vida

Okay, I am so tired and should be sleeping, but I wanted to share my day with you. I’m at the Qué Rica Vida event in Miami, hosted by General Mills. They invited a lot of press, and 20-something blogueras. They are treating us like reinas here and despite my shyness, I am having fun and feeling very loved by all the wonderful mujeres here with me.

Okay, here are some fotos!

(The view from my hotel room.)

And we went to dinner at a restaurant on the water called The Rusty Pelican. It was so beautiful – all of it. I had the churrasco and it was seriously the best piece of steak I’ve ever had.

(view from a restaurant window)

(my table)

I texted my husband to tell him how it was going. At one point I texted him that there were mariachi, and knowing my love for them, he became celoso until I sent him a photo to prove they were women.

(The beautiful and talented “Las Damas de Jalisco”, who came all the way out from Texas.)

I need to go get ready for a long day and have a few thousand cafecitos, but if you want to keep up with me while I’m traveling, keep an eye on my Twitter stream!

Disclosure: General Mills paid for my trip to Miami for their Qué Rica Vida media event. I received no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for writing about the event. All opinions expressed are my own.

SpanglishBaby and TikiTiki

I have been featured on two different super cool bilingual blogs this week.

I wrote an article for for their week of Mamás Blogueras Christmas traditions edition, called “Christmas Time: A Complex Dance Between Two Cultures

And the blog post I wrote about Latino vs. Anglo Birthday Parties, was featured at

Feel free to visit me over there and I encourage you to look around and meet other awesome Latinas and Latina-hearted people with great information and stories to share :)


Image source: Luis Argerich

I started blogging over 5 years ago. My blog has gone through many incarnations. Maybe that’s a reflection of myself.

The first blog was devoted mostly to funny anecdotes about the niños, but as they got older and their cuteness wore off, I started to run out of material. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still bien preciosos, but I think I’ve officially outgrown the “Mommy blogger” phase, just as surely as my little ones have outgrown their Oshkosh overalls. {Ouch. Little stab in the heart right then… okay, estoy bien.}

After that I tried a travel blog whence I blogged about places I’d like to travel to, since I don’t have the money to actually go these days. That was perhaps just as exciting as a nun’s sex blog…not…that… I’ve read anything of the sort.

Next was my book review blog, and then there was a personal blog which I switched to private mode and being in private mode can get kind of boring.

For awhile I considered not blogging at all anymore, but I need it. I may be a shy person, but I like to have a voice, I like to connect to others, and well, therapy isn’t covered by insurance.

Ya, enough explaining. Read on and you’ll see.