Chévere Finds

Somehow I manage to find products with Latin sabor wherever I shop, even in places you wouldn’t expect it. I don’t buy everything I see, as tempting as that would be, but I’ve started snapping photos. Here are a few of the more chévere things I discovered. Shirt $5 at Five Below. Piñatas at K-Mart. […]

Bubu Lubu

When the piñata broke open, niños y adultos alike, scrambled to retrieve their favorites. (The adultos pretended they were just helping the niños but I saw them gleefully flee the scene, their hands and pockets full of dulces.) My husband kneeled down and plucked up a long candy bar in a shiny blue wrapper that […]


For those who aren’t bilingual English/Spanish and are wondering what something means, I will try to keep an alphabetical glossary here for some of the words or phrases I commonly use. Be aware that some of these words are slang and some are offensive. Some of these words are Mexicanisms (I’m particularly fond of Mexican […]