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From my Corazón

Te Encontraré
The Day I Almost Lost Him
Amor Salvadoreño: Un Poema
Pescado, Cerveza e Invitados Inesperados
Mexican Salsa Roja
Amigos, Fútbol, Tamales y Agua de Uva
Niña Malcriada
Now Arriving
Days Like These
Escritura y Diferencias
The Lucky Plant
A Man Named Angel
Now Departing
La Niña: A Poem
No soy de aquí, ni soy de allá
La Cerca (The Fence)
Immigrant Voices: Christmas


Google Translate Say What?!
My Spanglish
Pavo vs. Pavo Real
Pass the Vacuum and Other Carlos-isms
13 Gifs Only Latinos Married to Gringas Will Understand
20 Gifs Only Gringas Married to Latinos Can Understand
Salvadorans like to point at things in photographs

About Being a Bilingual/Bicultural Family

Conversations at Casa López
Conversations at Casa López – Part 2
Conversations at Casa López – Part 3
Bilingual Siblings and Disparities in Fluency
Bilingual Parenting Takes Commitment and Re-Commitment
Identity in a Brown Paper Bag
Not Fluent in Any Language
Where is the Latino Cosby Show?
Stubbornly Speaking Spanish
I’m Not Crazy, I’m Bilingual
15 Signs You’re Doing a Good Job of Raising Bicultural Children
Hello vs. Alo
Back When Clair Huxtable Was Dominican
Raising Bilingual Teens & The 5 Stages of Grief
10 Gifs For Parents Raising Bilingual Kids
Onions and Unintentional Racism

Travels to El Salvador

The Helplessness of Being Here
La Feria
El Salvador: El Boqueron
El Salvador: El Dentista
El Salvador – The movie theater
El Salvador – The Less Fortunate
El Salvador – Comida (Part I)
El Salvador – Comida (Part II)
El Salvador – Thank you for riding Taca airlines
El Salvador – Tight Jeans & Inappropriate Head Massages
El Salvador – Random Fotos
Crying in El Salvador

Salvadoran Culture

El Salvador: The Much Awaited Souvenirs
From El Salvador With Love
De Tin Marín de do pingüé
Que Llueva, Que Llueva
20 Salvadoran Slang Phrases (in GIFs)

Language, Language-Learning and Accents

On Fictional Immigrants, Accents & Why We Like What We Like
Why Salma Hayek’s accent is sexy but the gringo accent isn’t
Foreign Accent Syndrome
Erase or Embrace the Accent?
Estados Unidos = EE.UU.?
¿Cómo se dice SPORK?
TV in Spanglish
Ojalá and Insh’Allah
Do What Makes You Feliz
Slingshot = Hondilla
Seseo, ceceo y yeísmo


U.S. Latinos: Never Offsides When It Comes To Team Loyalty
All paths lead to fútbol
U.S. vs. Brazil: Holding hands with Rômulo & Chatting with Donovan

Interesting People & Interviews

Cabalito: An interview with aspiring Salvadoran restaurant owner, Randy Rodriguez
Libros For All – a guest post by author Meg Medina
An Interview with Alfredo Genovese, Fileteador
Finding My Heroes – a guest post by author René Colato Laínez
Edmundo Otoniel Mejía – Salvadoran artist
Latin Billboard Awards + The Red Carpet
Shout out from Prince Royce
Interview with Eva Linares, female fútbol commentator
Meet Chilean Miner Edison Peña’s Translator! (interview!)
Espinoza Paz, un hombre sencillamente talentoso – an interview guest post by Teresa Garza

Washington D.C. Area Travels

Central American Artifacts in DC
La Jarochita
El Festival Salvadoreño Americano
Folklife Festival 2013
This One is For Mis Colombianos!
Día de Los Muertos at The National Museum of the American Indian
Eastern Market

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