A Trip to: Travel Series


The “A Trip to:” travel series began with a humble email from a young man that said, in part, “I know you mostly talk about El Salvador since that is where your husband is from but I’d like to ask if you could talk more about Guatemala.”

The email went on to describe his passion for his heritage country and his disappointment that it wasn’t as well-known as other places. Moved by his words, I promised that I would publish a post about Guatemala, but that I needed his help. His photos and words became a post called “A Trip to: Guatemala.” Readers begged for more guest posts in this format, and so the “A Trip to:” travel series was born during Hispanic Heritage Month 2013.

With the help of volunteer guest posters, we took virtual trips beyond Guatemala to Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Chile and Mexico, (links below!) But when Hispanic Heritage Month came to an end, we decided we didn’t want to stop doing this travel series. Our next guest post will take us to Colombia, and we look forward to virtual trips to other Latin American countries in the months to come. (Links will be added here as they’re published.)

A Trip to: Travel Series Guest Posts

Puerto Rico
…more coming soon!…

Want to be a part of this project? If you have some nice photos of a Latin American country you’d like to share with some short descriptions, please email me so we can discuss it! We prefer countries that haven’t yet been covered, but if you can offer unique photos and a unique perspective of one we’ve already shared, we’d still be interested.

Buen viaje!


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