Here’s an index of the recipes I’ve posted, for easy reference. Many are Salvadoran but there are some Mexican, South American, and Tex-Mex recipes, (as well as a few invented dishes!) Is there a recipe you’d like to see me make? Feel free to suggest it in comments below!


Panes con Pavo (or Pollo!)
Salpicón de Res
Salvadoran Hot Dogs
El Desyuno Universitario
Tamales de Elote – Tamales Fritos
Salvadoran Breakfast – Plato Típico
(scrambled eggs, tortillas, refried beans, platanos fritos, and cream.)

A basic pot of Salvadoran Beans
Platanos Fritos
Salvadoran Albóndigas
Yuca con Chicharrón
Tortas Estilo Hula Hula
Sopa de Res

Enchiladas Salvadoreñas
Sopa de Fideos con Huevo
Chuletas de Carne Molida
Central American-style Chow Mein
Cóctel de Camarones en Salsa Rosada

Arroz con Pollo Estilo Suegra
Rellenos de Ejotes
Pupusas Revueltas
Pupusas de Queso/Pupusas de Frijol con Queso

Pasteles/Pastelitos with Salsa & Curtido
Tamales de Gallina

Sopa de Pollo Salvadoreña
Carne Guisada

Torrejas Salvadoreñas en Miel

Salvadoran Chicken Salad Birthday Party Sandwiches
Bistec Salvadoreño a la Parilla


Tamales de Rajas con Queso
Sopa de Pollo (Bolivian)
Bolillo con Queso Crema y Jalapeño

Savory Tamales de Calabaza y Pollo (o Pavo!)
Mexican Pizza
Elena Ruz Sandwich (Cuban)
Not Your Abuela’s Pozole Verde
Rajas Con Crema Taco Casserole
Hot Dog & Egg Tacos


Ensalada de Conchitas (Salvadoran)
Salvadoran Escabeche
Salvadoran Frijoles
Salvadoran Curtido
Salvadoran Curtido II
Easy Salvadoran Curtido (my favorite curtido recipe so far)
Ensalada Rusa (Salvadoran)
Raspado de Elote Loco / Crazy Corn in a Cup (Salvadoran)
Chirmol (Salvadoran)
Huevos Duros en Escabeche de Remolacha


Maní con Chile y Limón
Tostadas de Plátano with salsa and curtido (Salvadoran)


Easy Sopapillas
Leche Poleada (Salvadoran)
Salvadoran Semita (Salvadoran)
Conchas – Pan Dulce
Paletas de Horchata
Charamusca (Salvadoran)
Marquesote (Salvadoran)
Marquesote – UPDATED! (Salvadoran)

Chocobananos (Salvadoran)
Salvadoran-style Birthday Cake (Salvadoran)
Tres Leches Cake
Conserva de Coco (Salvadoran)
Pumpkin Pie Paletas
Sweet Tamales de Calabaza y Horchata

Quesadilla (Salvadoran)
Arroz con Leche
Gelatina de Mosaico (Salvadoran)
Brazilian Bon Bons (Brigadeiros)
Pay de Guayaba y Queso
Budín de Plátano (Salvadoran)
5 Minute Microwave Tamal de Elote “Mug Cake”
Dulce de Leche Valentine Cookies
Nuégados en Miel (Salvadoran)

Tartaletas (Salvadoran)
Carajillo Quemado Cupcakes
Hojuelas (Salvadoran)
Salpores de Arroz (Salvadoran)


Achiote Oil
Fresh Salsa
Mexican Salsa Roja
Central American style Guacamol Sauce for Sandwiches
Salvadoran Salsa Roja
Salvadoran Relajo (spice mixture)
Vegetarian Masa for Tamales


Atol de Elote (Salvadoran)
Té de Canela
Mayan Hot Chocolate
Té de Miel y Limón (Salvadoran)
Atol de Avena (Salvadoran)
Refresco de Ensalada (Salvadoran)


  1. Faltan algunos platos importantes: Ceviche y Gallo En Cicha. Chicha is a rotten pineapple moonshine that, in my experience, is awful even if you are already 6 plus Pilseners deep into your afternoon. However, Gallo en Chicha might be the most sophisticated dish in El Salvador: it takes the sweet and sour from chicha as an ingredient for the broth, which contrasts nicely with the dark gamey flavors of yes, that’s correct, Rooster meat. Also, pineapple contains a natural tenderizer, bromaine, which softens the rooster meat. If you don’t happen to have rooster in the backyard whose time has come, you can use chicken thigh meat instead. As Gallo en Chicha is not an everyday dish, even in the homeland, so I can forgive the omission. But ceviche!? No ceviche? Yes, it wasn’t invented in El Salvador, but there is distinctive typical Salvadoran style: Corvina, key limes, roma tomatoes, cilantro, onion, maybe garlic, maybe oregano. There you go, there it is, classic Salvadoran ceviche. See you at el Puerto La Libertad.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, Dres. This blog, (and thus the recipe index) is a work in progress. There are many more Salvadoran recipes I want to share, (and still many more I haven’t yet tried to make.) Gallo en Chicha will be quite a challenge on the day I decide to attempt it. As for ceviche, although I have my own version, this isn’t something my suegra ever made so thanks for the input. I’ll take it into consideration when I eventually research and try to make it Salvadoran-style.


  2. I grew up in NoVA. My parents have been here since their late teens so we are a very Americanized family (Salvadorian background). I’m married to an el salvadorian, in his eyes I am a gringa -_- LoL! These recipes look like lifesavers! I run out of ideas on what to make for dinner, American foods are not at the top of his list. I’ve slowly but truly learned a few things along the way, but this will def help. Thanks! And I have bookmarked this page.

    • Hi Anna! I was born and raised in Montgomery County, Maryland so we’re practically neighbors ;) I’m happy to hear these recipes will help you out. Please feel free to check back in with me at any time to let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

      Thanks for taking a moment to leave a comment! Saludos to you and your family :)

  3. There was such a huge sigh of relief when I found your blog last night. I had a blast Laughing Out Loud as I read it for a very long while. But more importantly, your perspective helps me understand my husband a little more. I’m the Salvadorena and he is the Gringo. Equally as important to me are your recipes WITHOUT Knorr! I love you so much for this. My mother never taught me to cook. I’m born & raised in Los Angeles, and started cooking a little over a year ago. I believe food can have a powerful flavor component imbued naturally through herbs, spices, etc. Preservatives & MSG’s are a big no no for me. Unfortunately it’s been almost impossible for me to find Salvadoran recipes online that don’t contain Knorr. It’s been a major source of frustration. So keep it up! You are funny and awesome! I’m so glad I’ve found your blog. You’re a lifesaver. :-)

    • This comment made my day, Susi! Thank you!

      I will keep the MSG-free recipes coming. MSG is not something I grew up eating and as an adult eating my suegra’s food, I discovered it gives me migraines, so that’s why I avoid it when recreating Salvadoran recipes that typically use it.


  4. Es la primera vez que dejo un comentario en un blog. Créeme que tus recetas,tus historias y toda la inmersión que has tenido en la cultura salvadoreña me va encantado.sigue adelante! Tienes un gran talento.Te felicito.

  5. Hi. I just discovered your site and it’s great. I grew up in Melbourne, Australia were there isn’t a big latin community let alone a Salvadorean one so finding your recipes is exciting to me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Gracias por los recetas muy dulce y rica!!! I am the gringa in our home, while the hubby is from El Salvador. We have a strong desire to eat more traditional foods from his homeland but I have only been exposed to his culture since being with him. Of course he has very limited culinary knowledge. You should have seen how wild we went over the real El Salvadoran crema we found when we visited Las Vegas last year! Have not found the rcipe for it, but I finally figured out how to make it on my own. No mas ahorita hago pupusas chicha curtido y crema… lol. Looking forward to many more of your recipes! Keep it up! Gracias! ;)

  7. Felicidades por su blog , me emocionan todas las recetas :) salvadorean here so far from my country, miss the food so much. cheers !!

  8. my boyfriend is also Salvadorian and he has been hinting around that he wants me to ” be in training for the pupusas ” as he calls it lol, so tonight ill try, how ever I totally have a frozen pizza as back up. thx for sharing

  9. Will you be posting more recipes? I’m salvadorian-american and cannot cook any salvadorian food. Oh how embarassing lol. /.\

    • Hi Hannah! Thanks for your comment. I will add a “tortilla tutorial” to my “to do list” for adding to the blog in 2016. I appreciate the suggestion!

  10. I love your recipes! They are so great, and you break it down to make it so fun and easy to make. My husband is from Salvador, he has been wanting me to make more Spanish dishes especially from his country, so it really helps! I am in love with your blog reads, they are so good to read. I was wondering if you had any recipes for the stuffed bell peppers Salvador style. It would be so awesome. Thank you. :)

  11. I am thankful for latinaish. The recipes come in very handy.I love that there in English. I get tired of trying to read recipes in Spanish. I’ve been with my El Salvadorian since 1998. We have four kids ranging in the ages from 18-2. I don’t have the support of my El salvadorians family. So I can’t ask for recipes or anything like that. Take care God bless.

  12. I just discovered your blog, being salvadorean myself and raised in canada, I appreciate all the content . I was looking in Pinterest for a recipe to make albóndigas, becaus when my mom explains , she doesn’t give proper measurements lol . Anyway, I made them , they turned out so good ! Love the blog .

    • Hi Carolina! I appreciate the kind words and I’m so glad the recipe turned out well. If you ever need a recipe for a Salvadoran dish I don’t have published here on the blog yet, feel free to comment or email and I’ll try to help you out if I can :)

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