Spanish Friday

Okay I tried to come up with a super chévere name for this, but unfortunately as far as alliteration goes, I think I’m out of luck. “Viernes Vernáculo” is not very catchy, is it?

So, here’s the thing – when I blogged in Spanish one Friday and said that I would be doing so on Fridays from now on, quite a few people expressed interest in doing it on their blogs as well. So here is how it will work if you want to participate.

Every Friday is “Spanish Friday” (#SpanishFriday on Twitter.) All you have to do is write your usual blog post in Spanish that day. The purpose is to practice, improve and learn. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a native speaker or if Spanish is your second language. It doesn’t matter if you’re Latino/a or a Gringo/a. Some of us are going to make mistakes, from missing an accent to completely screwing up a verb conjugation – but that’s okay… I don’t want anyone to feel shy about doing this.

Remember, “La práctica hace al maestro” – (Practice makes perfect.)


• Go to your blog on Fridays.

• Blog in Spanish.

• Some ideas: The blog can be a written post to practice written Spanish, a vlog to practice spoken Spanish, a podcast of you reading from a book in Spanish to practice your reading skills – Be creative!

• Tag your post with “Spanish Friday”

• If you tweet about it on Twitter use the hashtag #SpanishFriday

• Visit on Fridays to leave your link in comments so we can all visit each other! (Please leave the link to your exact post URL.)

• If you’d like, put the image below on your blog post or in your blog’s sidebar – (Not mandatory!)


Right click to save to your computer and upload to your own blog. Please link it to this blog post so others will know what it’s about!

Lastly, ¡Diviértanse! (HAVE FUN!)

Helpful links:
Google Translate
Barra de español (Firefox add-on with shortcuts to accented characters)

214 thoughts on “Spanish Friday

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  15. Hola Tracy,

    Me encanta esta iniciativa. Aquí te dejo otros dos recursos que podrían resultar de utilidad a los participantes de Spanish Friday:
    a) (Ir a Terminology > Term Search)

    Además, cuando tengan alguna duda en español, pueden consultar el Diccionario Panhispánico de Dudas en la página de la Real Academia Española (

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  196. Tracy! Your blog is fantastic! I will be following you via Pinterest and IG. I teach exploratory Spanish (8th-grade) and ESL. Half-Panamanian, Spanish is my minority language and has really weakened over the years. Teaching middle-school Spanish does not help because it is such basic Spanish. I am also very poorly attempting to raise my girls to be bilingual(ish). Not doing so well. Basically, I try to speak more Spanish in the summers when we are home together, but it is only here-and-there at night and on the weekends. The only thing I have been consistent with is reading Spanish stories to them. I am challenging myself to do better with my routine and be more consistent. Looking forward to following your blog! I am in overload right now with my blog, but eventually I would love to do Spanish Friday! —- Amy @

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