Y El Putazo Que Me Diste?

Some people (Carlos), may think that watching funny videos on YouTube for hours is a waste of time – but laughter is really good for you, and if you’re laughing at videos in Spanish, DOUBLE BONUS! – You practice your language skills.

Here are a few videos en español que me matan de risa.

Y El Putazo Que Me Diste?

I think I’ve watched this twenty times and laughed every single time. The interaction between the mother and son is identical to how Suegra and Carlos interact. It’s been my experience that when something falls/breaks/spills/hurts someone, a Latino is more likely than an Anglo to blame the object, the victim of the situation, or someone completely unrelated to the incident. I’ll give you an example that is still “famous” and talked about in our household:

One day Carlos was in a really grumpy mood – nothing had gone right for him all afternoon. He had bought himself a large sweet tea and a burger from the McDonald’s value menu and came home, wanting nothing more than to just sit at the table and enjoy it. Carlos sets the large Styrofoam cup on the table with the bag containing his burger so he can go put his car keys away and wash his hands before eating. He returns to the table and when he goes to pick up the sweet tea and move it to where he wants to sit, he makes the mistake of grabbing it with one hand. The top pops off the sweet tea and he drops it, spilling it everywhere.

A normal reaction to this scenario would be to curse one’s own bad luck – maybe even the McDonald’s worker who didn’t put the top on securely – but Carlos inexplicably yelled at our older son who just happened to be walking by and had absolutely no contact with the sweet tea or Carlos. “Look what you did! You made me spill it everywhere!” he shouted.

I love to tease Carlos about this habit he has so now when I drop things in the kitchen, I’ll call out, “Look what you did, Carlos!” even when he’s in a completely different room.

El Microbusero Salvadoreño

Indisputably the best rap song written about Salvadoran microbus drivers, (not that there’s a lot of competition in the category, but I really do love this song.)

It’s Hard Being Salvadoran (Comedian: Hoozay)

“Your Mom’s papussies are good” – jajaja… So messed up.

Tide “Hoodies” commercial en español

I love that this commercial speaks to a lot of families out there with U.S. born children who make fun of their parent’s English.

Parodia de Danza Kuduro – “El Pan Ta Duro”

This Peruvian guy, Francisco Landa, is hilarious and so creative. I hope he continues to make parodies.

Qué Difícil Es Hablar El Español

No less than three friends sent me this video demanding that I watch it. My favorite part of the song:

“chucho” es un perrito en Salvador y Guatemala.
Y en Honduras es tacaño, y a Jesús le dicen Chucho,
con tantas definiciones, como se usa esa puta palabra!?

Chucho es frío en Argentina,
Chucho en Chile es una cárcel,
Chucho en México si hay alguien,
con el don de ser muy hábil.

El chucho de Chucho es un chucho ladrando,
y por chucho a Chucho lo echaron al chucho,
el Chucho era frío y lo agarró un chucho
-“Que chucho”- decía,
-“extraño a mi chucho”.

(Guanabee.com has the full lyrics.)

What is the funniest video in Spanish that you’ve seen?