Telemundo brings back Herederos del Monte heart throbs in Corazón Valiente

If you had a thing for José (played by José Luis Reséndez), and/or Gaspar (played by Fabián Ríos) in Telemundo’s novela, Herederos del Monte, then prepare yourself… Telemundo has brought both actors back in their new telenovela, Corazón Valiente.

Fabián Ríos as Willy del Castillo

José Luis Reséndez as Juan Carlos Arroyo

Here’s two promos, one featuring José who plays a character named Juan Marcos Arroyo and the second one features Fabián playing the part of Willy del Castillo.

Watch Corazón Valiente, weeknights at 9pm starting March 6th, 2012. Not fluent in Spanish? English subtitles will be available in closed captioning options. For more information visit or follow @CValienteTV on Twitter.

Herederos del Monte (a guest post!)

Today’s guest post comes to us from my fellow gringa and telenovelera, Amanda of Spanglish Aventuras.

When I became addicted to Telemundo’s Herederos del Monte and encouraged others to check it out – many of you did, and like Amanda, became totally enamoradas – not only with the hermanos del Monte, but with the quality of the production and storyline. It’s been excellent Spanish practice and I’ve picked up a few new catch phrases. (I love saying, “Por Dios Santooo!” and “Válgame” with the same intonation as José. I’ve also learned a dozen ways to tell someone to go away and leave me alone from Paula.)

Herederos, amongst some of the drama, (and yes, cheesiness) common in telenovelas, touched on some serious issues such as alcoholism, rape, mental illness, and spousal abuse.

Some may say telenovelas are mindless entertainment but as Amanda explains, telenovelas can be educational whether providing a fun way to learn a second language, or by teaching some serious real life lessons.


Let the Truth be Known … on Los Herederos del Monte
by Amanda of Spanglish Aventuras

I mentioned in a previous post that my kids and I are watching a novela, Los Herederos del Monte, as part of our “language learning” this year.  As the soap opera is drawing to a close, I have been reflecting on some things, other than Spanish, that we can learn from their story. It all comes down to telling la verdad and not hiding it. That’s a good lesson for our lives too, right?

It seems to me that during Los Herederos del Monte, most of the characters have been hiding something from their friends or familia.  Many times, by simply sharing the information they were trying to disguise, the character could have avoided much of the angst and agony they endured…but then we would not have had a novela to see, would we?!?

It does seem a good rule for life though, “telling the truth and making life easier”.  I thought it would be fun to post about the characters and their truths (though oftentimes hidden at first) as a way to provide a summary for this intriguing “language learning tool” which has entertained so many these past few months.

(Warning….if you have not been keeping up with the storyline, details follow!)
Here goes…

Emilio: Although the father of the herederos was kidnapped and left for dead, he did not actually die.  He later had plastic surgery on purpose, to not appear as he once did, and with the help of his trusted Modesto, Emilio returned to his familia y pueblo as “Pablo”.

Emilio also did not disclose until the end that he knew that Juan was his only biological son and that Paula was not his biological daughter.

It is difficult to keep up with how many amantes Emilio has had throughout his lifetime, but those were secrets too.

Juan: The eldest of the “adopted” sons refused to admit to the other characters at first and even to himself at times later that although at one time (in the beginning) he thought he loved Julieta, he later only stayed with her out of sense of obligation (because at one time she was carrying his child, which she later lost and then Julieta had a terminal medical condition). Juan really only loves Paula.

Julieta:  The eldest daughter of Rosa and Miguel hides her true medical condition and tries numerous methods to make Paula (the supposed biological daughter of Emilio) leave “La Arboleda” and Juan’s sight.  (Remember the scorpions, the shot to make the horse throw Paula, and those chickens let loose in the bedroom?) Julieta has been very sneaky and conniving and there appears to be more coming at the end from her too.

Jose: One of the adopted sons of Emilio finds out early in the show about Paula maybe not being a real “del Monte” AND that Pablo is really Emilio.  Jose also later kidnaps Emilio, Adela, and Paula because he wants Emilio to change the paperwork to say Paula does not get any of the inheritance, to leave more for Jose himself!

Pedro: Another of the adopted sons of Emilio refused to admit for quite a while that he had a serious problem with alcohol.  It is admirable of this character however that he goes after what he wants whether it be Julieta or Berta!

Gaspar: Yet another of Emilio’s adopted sons, who hides for a while that he was the one that left Emilio for dead after the accident (because Gaspar was angry with his father for not having been faithful to Gaspar’s mother). Gaspar has an “attraction” for Adela, whom he later blatantly persues meanwhile he abuses his sweet wife Lupe.

Lucas:  The youngest adopted son of Emilio refuses to admit to himself that Nacho is a bad guy.  He also has trouble accepting that he has a biological family that desires a relationship with him, including Amador.

Consuelo y Rosario:  Julieta’s younger sisters, the daughters of Rosa and Miguel, do not want to admit that they were each raped by Nacho. Consuelo also does not want to admit to her husband Johnny that the baby she is now carrying could possibly be a result of the rape.

Sofia:  Paula’s mother and an amante of Emilio, refuses to share with Paula in the beginning that there may be a possibility that she is not actually a “del Monte”.  Sofia also hides her affair with Miguel for a while.

Lupe:  At first, Guadalupe hides her relationship with her then-boyfriend Gaspar from her father, Eluterio.  Next she hides details about her mom, (who abandoned her at an early age but later returns) from her father. Finally Lupe hides the abuse that she is receiving from her now-husband, Gaspar.

Sidenote….here’s hoping for resolution on the story with Lupe’s mom Ines, who disappeared from the pueblo again after reuniting with Lupe.

Beatriz: In the beginning she hides that she suspects that her son Simon’s actual father isJose del Monte and not her husband Efrain.  Later she refuses to admit to even herself that Jose is abusive.

Miguel:  This father of three daughters and husband of Rosa does not admit his affair with Sofia in the beginning. He also hides that he and Rosa later decide to hide medicine in their daughter Rosario’s food, at the request of her boyfriend Lucas, who got the pills from the evil Nacho.

If they could just tell the truth…..

Of course there are more characters who were important to the novela and also hid things from the other personajes.  Who else would you add to the list? Which story is the most intriguing for you?

Who says language learning can just teach you a language? I say it can teach you life lessons in the process as well!

Here’s hoping for a happy resolution in the Gran Finale on Telemundo at 9pm, this Friday night!

Herederos del Monte – más chisme!

One of my favorite characters on Herederos del Monte is Consuelo played by actress Karina Cruz. I think she’s a good actress and the character is great – such a typical rebellious teenage girl. On the surface she seems selfish and immature, but really she is wiser than her parents who refuse to allow her to date “Johnny” only because he’s a “campesino” of a “lower class.” Consuelo has given some impassioned speeches to her parents about how all humans are equal and Johnny is a good person. (By the way, I love the way names like “Johnny” are pronounced in Spanish. “Yonny” sounds so much more interesting.)

Johnny a.k.a. "Yonny" - el campesino y novio de Consuelo

I also really love Consuelo’s funky sense of style. The first episode I thought there was a production mistake and she had lost an earring, but she often wears one dangly earring in one ear and a smaller earring in the other. Her hairstyles and fashionable clothing are so fun, too. I also love Consuelo’s theme song with the electronic computer-ish sounds.

Since last week, quite a lot has happened. It’s impossible to summarize everything, but the most interesting parts have been:

• Pedro hiding a camera in Juan’s bedroom.
• Paula and Juan having sex the night before he’s to marry Julieta.
(By the way, Juan totally took una mordida de Paula’s nalgas in that scene! Qué caliente!)
• Pedro shows the video to Julieta – Julieta marries Juan anyway.
(Did anyone else laugh when Paula chucked the rice at Juan as they left the church? jajaja!)
• Guadalupe received letters from her mother who her father had said was dead. (Still following?)
• That guy who lives with Johnny says he’s looking for a lost brother named Marío. Hmmm… Could that be the real legal name of one of the hermanos del Monte?
• José acts like a total cabrón and basically tries to rape Beatriz.
• Beatriz resists, (and Efraín witnesses it)
• Efraín tells Beatriz that if she ever changes her mind about being together, he’ll he be waiting for her.

Okay, I’m not going to lie – that scene where Efraín tells Beatriz that she and baby Simón are his whole life, I totally cried. I love Efraín. He’s better than all the hermanos del Monte. So all of you muchachas enculadas por Gaspar and Lucas and all the rest of the del Monte men – you can have them. Efraín is my new favorite.

So last night, the other big event was Pedro getting drunk (otra vez!) and crashing his motorcycle. Paula and Lucas discover him crashed on the side of the road and bring him to the hospital. Paula calls Juan (while he’s poolside on his luna de miel with Julieta), to tell him to come to Pedro’s bedside where he is supposedly very injured/dying. (Una pregunta – How many months pregnant is Julieta supposed to be? She’s wearing a bikini and isn’t showing at all? Sheesh.)

The preview for tonight’s episode shows Paula and Juan kissing in the hospital while Pedro is dying and Julieta walking in on them. One word, Julieta – annulment!


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