How El Salvador Changed Coca-Cola & Maybe the Whole World

Image source: Jesse Michael Nix



This article was written in June 2012. At the time many news outlets and websites reported on the video below. In July 2012 Coca-Cola released a statement that they are actually NOT responsible for the video below and they have not created these biodegradable Coca-Cola shaped bags. It’s a great video and a great idea – but unfortunately it’s not true. For more information about this hoax – click HERE.


In El Salvador many thirsty people on the streets ask for their soda to go, not in a bottle, can or even in a cup – but in a plastic bag with a straw. “Soda en bolsa” is simply cheaper, (an explanation as to why in a video below.)

Well, obviously Coca-Cola cares deeply about its branding and part of their branding is that well-known curvy shaped bottle which sets them apart from other carbonated drinks – But how can Coca-Cola make sure they retain that familiar symbol when everyone is drinking out of bags?

Genius marketing, that’s how.

Coca-Cola created a curvy shaped biodegradable bag available not only in El Salvador, but in other countries as well. Chécalo!