Futbolín Humano, Human Foosball and Taca Taca

Image source: kurafire

While writing an article for Fox News Latino about Rapimoto, I had the opportunity to interview the owner of the company, Bernardo Bravo. Our E-mails went back and forth a few times and Bernardo mentioned to me that he had another company where he sells “cosas muy curiosas” – so I clicked over to see what these curious things might be.

While I found a lot of fun, interesting things, the Futbolín Humano definitely got my attention. In English we know the game as Foosball or Table Football/Soccer. Carlos calls it Fútbolito, but some countries call it Futbolín. Chile seems to prefer the term “Taca Taca” for the game. Whatever you call it, the game takes on new fun when you become part of it as you do in the version called “Futbolín Humano” (Human Foosball or Taca Taca Humano.)

Here’s regular Futbolín:

Image source: ccarlstead

And here’s Futbolín Humano:

Love this version with school children. Wish we had these built on playgrounds in the United States:

Hey look, there's even Futbolín Gato ... who knew?
Image source: ClintJCL