Telemundo brings back Herederos del Monte heart throbs in Corazón Valiente

If you had a thing for José (played by José Luis Reséndez), and/or Gaspar (played by Fabián Ríos) in Telemundo’s novela, Herederos del Monte, then prepare yourself… Telemundo has brought both actors back in their new telenovela, Corazón Valiente.

Fabián Ríos as Willy del Castillo

José Luis Reséndez as Juan Carlos Arroyo

Here’s two promos, one featuring José who plays a character named Juan Marcos Arroyo and the second one features Fabián playing the part of Willy del Castillo.

Watch Corazón Valiente, weeknights at 9pm starting March 6th, 2012. Not fluent in Spanish? English subtitles will be available in closed captioning options. For more information visit or follow @CValienteTV on Twitter.

Herederos del Monte – más chisme!

One of my favorite characters on Herederos del Monte is Consuelo played by actress Karina Cruz. I think she’s a good actress and the character is great – such a typical rebellious teenage girl. On the surface she seems selfish and immature, but really she is wiser than her parents who refuse to allow her to date “Johnny” only because he’s a “campesino” of a “lower class.” Consuelo has given some impassioned speeches to her parents about how all humans are equal and Johnny is a good person. (By the way, I love the way names like “Johnny” are pronounced in Spanish. “Yonny” sounds so much more interesting.)

Johnny a.k.a. "Yonny" - el campesino y novio de Consuelo

I also really love Consuelo’s funky sense of style. The first episode I thought there was a production mistake and she had lost an earring, but she often wears one dangly earring in one ear and a smaller earring in the other. Her hairstyles and fashionable clothing are so fun, too. I also love Consuelo’s theme song with the electronic computer-ish sounds.

Since last week, quite a lot has happened. It’s impossible to summarize everything, but the most interesting parts have been:

• Pedro hiding a camera in Juan’s bedroom.
• Paula and Juan having sex the night before he’s to marry Julieta.
(By the way, Juan totally took una mordida de Paula’s nalgas in that scene! Qué caliente!)
• Pedro shows the video to Julieta – Julieta marries Juan anyway.
(Did anyone else laugh when Paula chucked the rice at Juan as they left the church? jajaja!)
• Guadalupe received letters from her mother who her father had said was dead. (Still following?)
• That guy who lives with Johnny says he’s looking for a lost brother named Marío. Hmmm… Could that be the real legal name of one of the hermanos del Monte?
• José acts like a total cabrón and basically tries to rape Beatriz.
• Beatriz resists, (and Efraín witnesses it)
• Efraín tells Beatriz that if she ever changes her mind about being together, he’ll he be waiting for her.

Okay, I’m not going to lie – that scene where Efraín tells Beatriz that she and baby Simón are his whole life, I totally cried. I love Efraín. He’s better than all the hermanos del Monte. So all of you muchachas enculadas por Gaspar and Lucas and all the rest of the del Monte men – you can have them. Efraín is my new favorite.

So last night, the other big event was Pedro getting drunk (otra vez!) and crashing his motorcycle. Paula and Lucas discover him crashed on the side of the road and bring him to the hospital. Paula calls Juan (while he’s poolside on his luna de miel with Julieta), to tell him to come to Pedro’s bedside where he is supposedly very injured/dying. (Una pregunta – How many months pregnant is Julieta supposed to be? She’s wearing a bikini and isn’t showing at all? Sheesh.)

The preview for tonight’s episode shows Paula and Juan kissing in the hospital while Pedro is dying and Julieta walking in on them. One word, Julieta – annulment!


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