Verano de Español / Spanish Summer


What is Verano de Español?

Verano de Español (or “Spanish Summer”) is an idea I came up with in 2010 in my quest to raise bilingual children and it is something I have repeated each year since then. The main gist of Verano de Español is simply that I will speak only Spanish to my children during their summer break from school. (They are to answer me back in Spanish when they’re able to, but this is always a greater challenge.)

If you’re trying to raise bilingual children, why speak to them in Spanish only during the summer?

It’s awesome if you can speak a second language with your child at home all year long and that is absolutely ideal, but for some of us, that’s really difficult for various reasons, especially for those of us who aren’t native speakers. Summer break is the perfect time to try to get in the habit, (or back in the habit for those of us who keep falling out), for two reasons:

#1. Summer usually means more hours per day with our kids.
#2. The kids have been removed from their favorite English-speaking environment for a few months, (at school with their friends!) – full immersion time, amigos!

Can I participate in Verano de Español?

Por supuesto! (Of course!) – If you want to make this commitment, I encourage you to give it a try. Feel free to leave a comment here to help motivate yourself to stick with it and come back once in awhile to give us an update. Share your frustrations, your successes, your tips, todo! It’s difficult at first but just keep it up – it gets easier!

If you tweet about it, feel free to mention me (@Latinaish) and use the hashtags #SpanishSummer and/or #VeranoDeEspañol.

What was your experience like in previous years?

You can read all my posts from previous years HERE.

Can I blog about this?

Sure! If you have a blog, feel free to do your updates on your own blog. Below you can download (right click and save image to your own computer), and post this badge in your sidebar linked to this post here on so that your readers know what you’re up to!


When can I start?

Whenever your kids finish their last day of school for the year… or right now! It’s up to you! I’m starting early this year. My start date was 5/24/2013.

¡Feliz “Spanish Summer” y buena suerte!

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